The sourroundings

Our B&B is located between Superga and Chieri, in the municipality of Baldissero Torinese, an ancient farmer city, renowned for its wines (Freisa and Cari) and its fruit (especially strawberries of fraction Rivodora and vineyard peaches) but also for its excellent Piedmont cuisine, which is served in restaurants and taverns in the area.
All in a natural environment rich in history, designed by fields, vineyards and beautiful hills, on the highest of which, at 670 m. high, towering unmistakable and majestic, the contours of the historic Basilica of Superga, a masterpiece of the architect Filippo Juvarra, from more than three centuries destination for pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.
The large surrounding territory that goes from Chieri to the Basso Monferrato, in addition to being admired for its natural beauty is dotted with castles and small romanesque churches, but also of wineries where you can taste the excellent local wines.
You can also discover the charm of many small villages perched on hilltops, with their quaint and quiet towns, immersed in an atmosphere of other times, but ready to come alive during the many interesting festivals and enogastronomic fairs that work as a counterpoint to the passing of the seasons.
The presence of a complex network of roads, country lanes and trails will offer you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk or bike ride, even following the routes proposed by Streets of colors and flavors, or suggested by the Royal Road of Wines Turin.
Chieri with the Cathedral of 1400, the medieval Old Town, along with the beautiful Abbey of Vezzolano, Albugnano and the Shrine of St. John Bosco in Castelnuovo d'Asti, are just some of the places not to be missed during your stay in our B&B.
And do not forget Turin, the first capital of Italy, with all its history, baroque palaces, its great squares, tree-lined avenues, the riverfront at the foot of the hills, the unmissable museums, the magnificent royal residences, and famous delicacies awaits you just 15 minutes from the I Tre Merlot.

Things to see

The tombstone of the Grande Torino

Since 1949, on the 4th May of each year, thousands of fans of Torino football team and not only them go up to Superga to remember the tragedy of the Great Torino, one of the best teams in the history of football of all time, which returning from Lisbon, disappeared in the crash of the plane that hit the retaining wall of the Basilica.

The Cathedral of Chieri

built between 1405 and 1436, houses the magnificent baptistery depicting the Passion of Christ.

Abbey of Vezzolano

At the foot of the hill of Albugnano, at the center of a small and picturesque valley, here 's the Abbey Vezzolano, this splendid testimony of medieval Romanesque-Gothic architecture, one of the most important architectural treasures of Piedmont, with almost a thousand years of history.

The Shrine of Don Bosco

On the Colle Don Bosco, in the hamlet Becchi, every year thousands of visitors make the pilgrimage to the birthplace of St. John Bosco and the temple dedicated to him.

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